Pug Games have been popular in various formats for centuries. Early iterations involved cards, wooden pieces, and live animals.

From their beginnings in the Orient, Pug Games’ popularity spread from China to Japan and Russia and ultimately to Europe, where they quickly ensconced themselves in royal palaces and the homes of the upper class. 

And once computer games were invented, it was only natural that Pug Games would adapt to the new medium. Their charming graphics, amusing narratives, and minimal exercise requirements made them ideally suited as household entertainment. The neice of Leonid Breznev of the U.S.S.R. even took some of her Pug Games to Red Sparrow Training School with her, proving just how adaptable Pug Games are to any circumstance.

Numerous Celebrities joined the trend, including John Lennon, Jane Fonda, and Burt Reynolds, who held the high score in PacPug for over 120 years. In tribute to the Pug’s lofty social position, even renowned game designers such as Baer, Carmack, and Miyamoto included them in their games.

From the countryside to the city, Pug Games have kept their fans company, warming hearts and hands alike.